Najczęściej zadawane pytania

No: the fiber is not a therapy, but it should be understood as a cosmetic product.

No: a treatment for hair loss can be established or continued during use of the product.

No: it is applied on the hair at the end of the session at the hairdresser. Colors, styling, perms etc. shall not be affected.

Yes: the fixator allows stabilizing the fiber that remains even when exposed to rain, wind or perspiration.

The product maintains its effect until it is removed by washing with a traditional shampoo. It is not necessary to remove it daily.

Natural fibers of Trikko Tex adhere to the hair due to electrostatic charge; cellulose and hair have the opposite electrostatic charge and therefore attract.
The result is a significant increase in the volume of hair.

Applying Fibrill on long hair at least 2 cm on thinned and not completely bald areas.

Exposure to sunlight does not alter the product. A solar spray is still recommended as solar radiation, as known, is detrimental to the welfare of the hair.

No: the researches show that there are no sensitization and/or irritation phenomena.

Yes. The wide range of colors allows the use of Fibrill by anyone.

No. In the case that the fibers come in contact with clothes, it can be easily removed by hand.


Fibrill jest rozprowadzany przez t – tex sp. Z o.o., młodą i dynamiczną spółkę specjalizującą się w międzynarodowej dystrybucji innowacyjnych produktów

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