Why Fibrill?

Fibrill is formulated to instantly give volume to thinning and damaged men and women hair.

Easy application

The micronized natural fiber and pulverized pigment are fixed on thin hair, thus increasing the size and improving its coloring.

Resistant to all

Spread on the area to be treated and stabilized with the fixer, Fibrill resists wind, rain and sweat.

Only a shampoo

The simple removal with a shampoo makes the treatment extremely maneuverable and a safe aesthetic result.

How it works


Initial scenario

Use Fibrill on dry and combed hair.


Fibrill application

Turn the jar and sprinkle the powder on the hair shaft and root in the thinned areas, distributing it with light touches.



Fixer application

Apply the fixator on the treated area by spraying it from a distance of about 30 cm for atomizing the spray that stabilizes the fibers.


Final scenario

Once the process is completed, the sparse area appears bushier. Fibrill resists water, wind and sweat.




Wash with a shampoo to remove the product.


Fibrill is made entirely from natural products; in fact, cellulose fiber is colored with pigments taken from vegetable and minerals.

Which are the strengths of Fibrill?

8 basic colours

For optimal effect, you can mix shades of colour thus obtaining any type of staining.


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